How far is the hop on hop off bus from the port for cruise ship?
The bus stop is right outside the harbour if you arrive to LHB, LHC, LHD or Olympia Terminal. Only CityTour's buses take you directly to the main sights eg. Rock Church and Sibelius monument. 

What are the hours of the hop on hop off bus?
Our buses depart every 15-20 minutes from the Senate Square (Stop 1) from 9:40 till 16:00 o´clock. Buses depart every 15-20 minutes from the City Centre (Stop 20) from 9:10 till 15:30 o´clock.

How long does the route take?
A complete round without stepping out of the bus would take approximately 1h 20min-1h 40h min depending on the traffic.

Where can I take the bus?
We offer 22 different stops around Helsinki and you can board the bus from any of those stops.

Where does the route begin?
The starting point of our bus tours is The Senate Square. 

Can I go and come back on the same bus to the Harbour?
Yes, our buses drive the same loop clockwise and they stop at the Harbour when there is a cruise ship. Harbours are listed above. 

Is there room for wheelchairs?
Yes, our buses are equipped with room for wheelchairs, rollators or prams in the midsection. Sightseeing cruise fleet consists of few ships, accessible boats operate daily. 

Where can I buy tickets?
Tickets can be purchased from our sales representatives at the Senate Square, Olympia Terminal and Cruise Terminal as well as from our bus drivers or buy online.

Do you have a lost property office?
In the occurrence of losing any personal items on our buses you can contact our ground personnel (bus drivers or sales representatives) or you can call +358 207 118 338.

What languages are available on the bus tour?
We have 10 languages available: English, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, French, Swedish, Finnish, Japanese and Chinese. 

Can I pay with my credit card?
Yes, credit card payments are possible. Our sales staff as well as bus drivers are equipped with sales machines that accept most of credit cards (except Amex) 

Can I purchase the ticket from the driver?

What do the bus stops look like?
Our bus stops are marked with a bus sign City Tour in red and indicates the number of the stop.

Do children get a discount?
Two children under 12 years old travel for free with an adult.

Are there student discounts?
Unfortunately, we do not offer student discounts.